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Heidi Küblbeck & Claudia Friedrich

Heidi and Claudia met by chance. Heidi, an entrepreneur with her equestrian center Kavalyia and 30 other horses, lives in Lima, Peru. Claudia lives on her ranch in Bavaria and has been working with Heidi as a mentor for three years. Their shared love of horses and shared vision have made them an unbeatable international team and friends.


The powerful double of Claudia, who talks to horses, and Heidi, who helps practice that good communication, come together to promote and teach the importance of developing a deep connection with horses. Together they show how this communication can be a source of happiness and well-being, both for people and horses. Through their work together, Claudia and Heidi inspire others to discover the joy and happiness that can be found in building an authentic and respectful relationship with these magnificent animals.


2 hearts 2 minds 1 vision​

Our vision is to revolutionize the sport horse world to create a harmonious relationship between sport rider and sport horse. Together we strive to achieve success in unity and harmony.

Harmonie Horese Claudia und Heidi.JPG


Why is my horse in pain LimaPeru. In this video you can see how I make contact with the mare PRESCHERS and then communicate with him.  We show how the horse reacts to the pressure of the saddle and how its tension becomes clear. 

Maria Gracia de la Piedra  with her Preschers

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