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Essential - mentoring

For managers and entrepreneurs

Discover your inner queen with our unique spiritual training for highly sensitive women. Learn how to use your strength of consciousness to bring out your true essence and shine in your full glory. 

Discover the queen in you!

In my unique spiritual training for highly sensitive women, you will learn to discover and develop your inner queen. I offer practical tools and techniques to increase your awareness and reveal your true essence. Through guided practice and mentoring, you will be able to recognize and utilize your unique abilities to shine in your full glory. This training is designed to help you develop your full potential and live a fulfilling life in harmony with your sensitivity.

That's what customers say

"I achieved in 1 month what I couldn't do in 2 years. Claudia was always there for me and took me seriously and gave a lot of input. It was also cool that the program took place online."

Susann Göbl, employee,  

Annual support

Intrinsic expansion of consciousness


Your happiness program

In just 30 days you will gain more confidence and develop clear communication for a happy life.


Vision day online or live

We will carve out your vision and purpose. 

Developing your step-by-step plan on how to integrate your transformation into your life.


Vision day can be booked separately


24/7 support

Every 2 weeks, 60-minute conversation with Claudia online via Zoom: Here I address all areas of life individually.


Personal member area

All online calls are saved in the member area.

You will receive 2 workbooks and the book by Claudia 

If you have read this far, you certainly feel the desire to experience this personal development. Let's get to know each other and find out in a personal conversation whether we want to experience this adventure together. Choose a date by clicking on the link below.

Why horses as trainers?

The horse as a coach and trainer gives honest feedback on several levels. The horse reacts precisely to the body language of its counterpart. Horses are not impressed by our appearance or our status - they recognize who we really are. They are the best mirrors of us humans, they perceive our inner being and recognize what is hidden deep within us. Coaching with the horse is sustainable for body, mind and soul. It works even if you have never had anything to do with horses before.

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