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Claudia A. Friedrich

Is an experienced pioneer in coaching with horses and has been successfully working in the horse business for 23 years. She works with her team in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and internationally. She already has over 1000 horsesE-supported coaches trained and perfected the horse business concept with their clear step-by-step plan. This means your customers get more sales from desired customers.

7 reasons why you should let Claudia train you as a professional:

  1. Personal 1:1 training to become a horse-assisted coach by Claudia Friederich

  2. Individual training at your pace

  3. Strengthening your potential to live your uniqueness in your business

  4. Professional coach training even without a horse

  5. Your own training for your horse as a coaching partner and preparation for work in coaching

  6. Visibility of your “I” brand on your website and learning how to present it on social media

  7. Develop public speaking skills to successfully master workshops and other appearances

That's what customers say

"Claudia was recommended to me by a friend. I got to know myself better. I'm very happy to have completed this training in individual training - so I was always picked up where I needed to be. This training was exactly the right thing for me! Thank you Claudia."

Ulli Siebenhalnd, entrepreneur, Austria

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