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Horse business

That's how it's done!

  1. You apply for the free consultation.

  2. Claudia will call you and clarify the last questions.

  3. In your free consultation you will be shown your clear strategy and how you can achieve your goals.

Stop the eternal search!

Whether as a riding instructor, horse therapist, horse-assisted coach or trainer – you will incorporate your gifts and talents into your business. This makes you unique in your horse business. As a natural leader you will live lightness and clarity. You will impress with your new appearance and your impact in your visibility and your success will not only be in your heart, but also in your wallet.

That's what customers say

"Claudia's professionalism convinced me. She knows the horse world and knows exactly what knowledge is needed to remain successful in the horse business. She came to Lima in person to get an on-site impression and to optimize it - We continue to work together to this day."

Heidi Küblbeck, riding therapist, Lima Peru

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