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How coaching with horses helps you discover your potential



Claudia A. Friederich works as a coach and trainer in her CAF training center for coaching with horses. Individual coaching and leadership training serve as a method for her to find balance in everyday life.


This book tells how she found this path through her horse Calinette. A path that couldn't have been more rocky. Through the deep connection to her horse, she found the way not only for herself, but also for countless people who today learn from her great experiences and experiences.


The author tells in her fiery way how the development of one's own potential through the teacher horse leads to ease and self-confidence. This opens up ways to make your own dreams come true.


The power woman shows a large part of her work and the motivation that she lives with her calling. Let yourself be ignited by their fire.

Learn with horse power

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  • 90 pages - paperback - matt

  • I would be happy to sign the book for you personally.

    Best regards

    Claudia Friedrich

    Author – mentor – speaker

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