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Communication between humans and animals

This training is perfect for all animal lovers who want to build a deep connection with their animals or who want to help others connect more deeply with an animal. It is also ideal for animal trainers, veterinarians, animal carers, pet sitters, etc. who want to communicate more clearly with animals to support them in their healing or life. No previous knowledge is necessary - just the openness to get involved in the wonderful, magical world of animals will bring you into your true greatness!

Animals, your best friends!

EIt is crucial to take part in the Human-Animal Communication training as it allows you to learn the language of animals in just 6 months. Your animal partner will recognize daily how you are feeling and what you need to feel joy. During the training you will encounter shamanism and energetic healing, clear your blockages and learn to live in the present and stop doubting yourself. Health is the most natural thing in the world - when your body gets sick, it shows you that you need something now - and the animals recognize that immediately as your mirror. Animals are man's best friends, so it is important to understand their language. Through this training, you will build a deeper connection with your animal companion and develop a deeper understanding of your needs and emotions.

6 months

Receive compact training with the most important tools to be successful as a communicator between people and animals. Use our members area for support and learn at your own pace. 

1 ranch-day

You will find the way back to yourself in shamanism, energetic healing and kinesiology.You get the tools to eliminate self-doubt and hear your inner voice with the sounds of drums.

Online meetings

In the Q&A training group we experience the connection to my horses and your animals together. Practical exercises show you how differently everyone learns and how we can grow together. Video recording


Sustainable! You will be accompanied individually by Claudia Friederich. As a consciousness mentor, she meets you where you are in your processes. With the CAF workbook you can recognize and track your development. Measurable!

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Further information about animal communication can be found under News/Media

Animal communication with horse aura in 🇵🇪 Peru/Lima. 

The horse rescuer asked questions to the horse Aura and Claudia responded live to her messages. It was so touching that it brought tears to our eyes. Aura impressed us with her wisdom and gratitude. Their messages were clear and inspiring. We can learn so much from our animal friends if we just listen to them

That's what customers say

"Through the human-animal communication training, I was able to connect with my horse so strongly that I was able to take away his fear of going for a walk oday my horse trusts me and is calm and relaxed. Thanks to the energetic healing, he is now also healthy. What a gift this training is. THANK YOU!"

Franziska Linkemeyer, student in North Rhine-Westphalia

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